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[CE Records 050] VA South American Beats @ Beatport Vote_lcap89%[CE Records 050] VA South American Beats @ Beatport Vote_rcap 89% [ 66 ]
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[CE Records 050] VA South American Beats @ Beatport

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[CE Records 050] VA South American Beats @ Beatport Empty [CE Records 050] VA South American Beats @ Beatport

Mensaje por JoeFisher Lun Dic 21, 2009 12:52 pm

CE Records Presents
VA South American Beats
[CE Records 050] VA South American Beats @ Beatport Sabfront

CE Records, Venezuelan net label created in May 2008 with the idea to publicize the excellent work of talented and promising Venezuelans, Americans and worldwide producers, to commemorate fifty releases, presents its first compilation album , which is entitled "South American beats
A lot of producers from different latitudes, from Argentina to Macedonia, from Mexico to Lithuania, have been set out its work through our label in this short but great time.

SAB brings together and focuses on 9 tracks a group of talented young producers in the South American continent, from countries such as Venezuela, Argentina, however, Bolivia and a special guest of Mexico.
Daniel Frontado, Enrique Calvetty, Fiuset, Joe Fisher & The second, Henry CE & Vladd, Norberto Fornenino, Mario Bo, Paul Jove and Juan Carlos Herrera pool their talent on a LP, ranging from deep house to techno, through gender as Tech and Progressive House.

Elegant, fresh, pleasant, cheerful, danceable music and hypnotic nebulae, mental , dark and twisted sounds come together in an album that not go unnoticed. South American Beats represents as well the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new era that promises to bring many surprises me.

01. Alex Guevara - Watergate (Original Mix)
02. Ambito - Lets M (Original Mix)
03. Daniel Frontado - Dont Get Up (Original Mix)
04. Enrique Calvetty - Fiesta Cuetillo (Original Mix)
05. Fiuset - Not Reverse (Original Mix)
06. Henry CE & Vladd - Vuelo (Original Mix)
07. Joe Fisher & The Second - Sarmiento (Original Mix)
08. Juan Carlos Herrera - Union (Original Mix)
09. Mario Bo - Blackhole Encounter (Original Mix)
10. Norberto Fornerino - Mambo (Original Mix)
11. Paul Jove - Maximum Interference (Maximum Interference Mix)

Release Date: 17.12.09
Buy: http://www.beatport.com/labels/ce+records
Listen: http://mypromopool.com/labels/CE+Records/r/6307

ALEX KENJI "Furtado's and Calvetty tracks are very nice, gonna try them soon"
ANGY KORE "Great various!!! you have my full support"
MARC DE BREYNE "My favourite trax are Don't Get Up, Sarmiento, and Union. Good work!"
SAMI WENTZ "Very beautiful release! Full support"
HANS TAVERA "Joe Fisher & The Second - Sarmiento Works good for me!"
ALE CASTRO "Thanx for the promo. Great music from The Second & Joe Fisher"
D-PHRAG "Thanks for this promo"
DIYO "Sarmiento from The Second & Joe Fisher for me"
PAUL HAZENDONK "Fiuset 'Not Reverse' is the one for me, fierce techno!"
STEFANO FRANCA "Massive deep/tech sounds here, im enjoying all the tracks! The best for me are Dont get up, Not reverse, Vuelo"
DPEN "Thank you for the tracks. I really enjoyed Daniel Frontado track and The Second & Joe Fisher's!"
OSCAR SALA "Good release! I like the tech groove of the tracks! full support!"
DJ PAUL "Great tune Henry CE & Vladd - Vuelo"
JUNIOR RIVERA "What can I say, more than excellent, great stuff!"
MARTIN BONANSEA "Henry CE & Vladd - Vuelo is my favorite from this pack"
MAXI IBORQUIZA "Great comp, lovely houses! I'll use Ambito, Daniel Frontado, The Second & Joe Fisher, Enrique Calvetti & Norberto Fornerino"
SONIQ "Amazing Tracks, Sarmiento is great, here in Germany the people will love it. Also liked Daniel Frontado and Enrique L. I will also use Mario Bo's track as opener for my next radio show"
JAVI DOCE "Killer techno tracks on this album. The Fornerino track has a nice twist. Ambito "Lets M" is a solid groove. Lovin it! "Sarmiento" track has a real acid feel. Am really diggin' it. Brings me back to my first experiences with house music"
SAMER "Sarmiento and Union are the ones for me here"

Label Info:


Cantidad de envíos : 79
Edad : 40
Lugar de residencia : Buenos Aires
Actividades : Dj, Productor, Radio Host, Area Sur A&R
Estilos Favoritos de M.E. : Tech House, Techno, Progressive
Fecha de inscripción : 14/04/2008


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