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[QT Records 003] S.M.E.R.T. - Trockenzeit EP

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[QT Records 003] S.M.E.R.T. - Trockenzeit EP

Mensaje por JoeFisher el Vie Dic 04, 2009 12:07 pm

S.M.E.R.T. - Trockenzeit EP
01. S.M.E.R.T. - Kornfield (Original Mix)
02. S.M.E.R.T. - Kornfield (John Curtis Remix)
03. S.M.E.R.T. - Olivia's Plantage (Original Mix)
04. S.M.E.R.T. - Olivia's Plantage (The Second & Joe Fisher Remix)
05. S.M.E.R.T. - Spring in the Reed (Original Mix)
06. S.M.E.R.T. - Spring in the Reed (Fly O Tech Remix)
07. S.M.E.R.T. - Spring in the Reed (Demian Muller Remix)
08. S.M.E.R.T. - Spring in the Reed (Daniel L. Remix)

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S.M.E.R.T.'s turn on this release. "Trockenzeit EP" includes 3 Original versions. Style of this Duo has a very large spectrum from the deep house until some amazing Techno tunes as in this release. The main characteristic of S.M.E.R.T., longer tracks as usual. seems there are some bombs on this release. John Curtis has remixed for this EP a complete Techno track which evoke real insanity. Techno as well from the German based artist Daniel L. Fly O Tech could not be missed as well as the second half of this Duo Demain Müller. Two Argentinean producers get together for this chance, Joe Fisher and The Second.

Supported by: Audiojack, Stereo K, Snejl Recordings, Stefano Franca, Dei Kean, Paul Hazendonk, Pierre Deutschmann, Parrket, Pacco & Rudy B, Vincent Vega, Neftali Blasko, Dio S, Oscar Aerox, Daniel Mehes, Gabriel Robella, Virus J, D-Phrag

QT Records Info:


Cantidad de envíos : 79
Edad : 36
Lugar de residencia : Buenos Aires
Actividades : Dj, Productor, Radio Host, Area Sur A&R
Estilos Favoritos de M.E. : Tech House, Techno, Progressive
Fecha de inscripción : 14/04/2008

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